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I am enclosing 2 photos from our 52nd anniversary celebration dinner. We have been enjoying Trenton Bridge lobsters ever since 52 years ago on our honeymoon in Maine we stopped by your lobster pound to have a lobster (which was the first either one of us had a whole lobster). We followed directions which you had hanging on the wall over the table.

Of course we had a bucket of steamers.

This has been a yearly tradition to get lobster from you - either visiting Maine or through mail.

Our family has grown since then - 3 children who gave us 6 grandchildren. Hopefully, we have many more years to order from you. Amount depends on which of our families are visiting us.

Thanks for being a part fo our anniversary dinner and supplying us with the most delicious lobsters and steamers that is available.

--B & W Lichtenberger

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