The live lobsters we received from Trenton Bridge Lobster were absolutely PHENOMENAL [to say the very least]! They arrived fresh and ready to prepare. We were so impressed with the quality, size and taste that we would HIGHLY recommend Trenton Bridge Lobster to anyone with a truly deep appreciation for EXCEPTIONAL live lobsters and extraordinary taste! Just before crossing the bridge from the mainland to Mount Desert Island, you will see the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound just to the right. Outside are the old-fashioned wood-fired steamers for cooking up both lobsters and clams.  Owner Josette Pettegrow's 80+ year-old father is still the most revered lobster connoisseur on the East Coast as far as we're concerned; as he has dedicated himself to serving up/shipping out absolutely the freshest/finest lobsters in the seafood industry. You place your order inside and you get to select your lobster before they steam it. This much-loved restaurant is patronized by a steadfastly loyal round of regular guests. Lobsters are priced per pound per daily market value. The menu is a virtual plethora of taste, and everything is a la carte. After selecting your lobsters, which are numbered and placed in netted bags, you can order chowder, steamed clams, coleslaw, potato salad, rolls, and melted butter or margarine. Seating is indoors or outside at quaint little umbrella-shaded picnic tables. When your number is called, you pick up your lobsters and tools and dig in.

The obvious joy is cracking into and extracting the meat from a whole lobster. It can be tedious but it is indeed worth all of the effort as well as the mess. You can also take home live lobsters and have them shipped practically anywhere. For lobster at its absolute best, Trenton Bridge Lobster is the place to visit. But since we weren't able to actually visit the fine folks at Trenton Bridge Lobster, we were treated to an exceptional presentation [via an overnight shipping service] of the most incredible lobsters we have EVER received. I don't know when we have ever enjoyed something more and opening those boxes was far better than Christmas. The lobsters, once prepared [as per Josette's detailed instructions], were superb, the delicious meat was smooth and silky, and its rich flavor began and ended with a lingering yet splendidly subtle sweetness. Our personal chef also prepared a glorious combination of Gourmet Oven Roasted Red Potatoes and Asparagus to perfectly compliment the entire meal and we even sampled a bottle of Francis Coppola's 2006 Diamond Sauvignon Blanc Wine.


Because lobster meat can go bad very quickly, it's generally necessary to cook a lobster while it's still alive. Never eat a cooked lobster with its tail uncurled because that indicates it died before it was cooked. They are cooked alive for a very good reason: Bacteria tend to quickly multiply in a perished lobster, thus endangering the consumer. And for those of you who are at all "uncomfortable" at the thought of causing pain to the lobster... a lobster has a brain the size of a grasshopper's and is a collection of nerve endings, very similar to an insect's nervous system. The tiny brain lacks a central nervous system and therefore lobsters cannot process pain signals. Thanks once again to all of the wonderful folks at Trenton Bridge Lobster for living up to the claims made for your product. Trust us... this is so very rare these days and we were all more than just impressed by the quality, the service and the meticulous care given to each and every order; we knew that everyone at Trenton Bridge Lobster was and will always be dedicated to creating a heartfelt dining experience second to none. UB